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Candice McKinney, M.A. is a Licensed Professional Counselor who is passionate about helping men and women achieve mental health and wholeness in their lives. She understands that every individual brings a different history and outlook to counseling. She tailors each therapeutic relationship to address the issues and style of the individual client or family and is very respectful of the clients need to be understood.  She is careful not to integrate the “one-size fits all” approach, hence her goal in counseling is to create an atmosphere where the client leaves feeling that they have been treated with compassion and a new-found sense of self-worth, wherewith they can now help facilitate and focus on the changes they wish to make in their lives.

Candice received her Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Arkansas State University in 2008 and her Master of Arts in Professional Counseling from Liberty University in 2017.  Her primary behavioral therapy approach is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), but she also integrates other types of therapy dependent upon the client’s needs. 

Candice can help with: Anxiety,  Bipolar Disorder, Career and Life Transitions, Christian Counseling, Depression, Grief, Trauma (PTSD), Women's Issues, and Self-Esteem Issues. 

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